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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Prediction: Recent Shooting of the Arizona Congresswoman (and others) will not be Wasted

Prediction: The responsibility of recent Shooting of the Arizona Congresswoman and others will not be wasted by gun control activists to include the mainstream media.

The report my wife read to me did, in fact, contain phrases drawing attention to the Tea Party types, and people who are concerned with the direction our nation has been taking while under the left’s control.

You can bet George Soros’ many non-profit organizations such as Media Matters, the Joyce Foundation, and the Tides Foundation will be blaming this isolated rampage on conservative media.

They’ll be incorrectly claiming that conservative media is inciting fear, and claim this shooting is the result.

I say, this is no more true than the man’s claim is, concerning the nation’s currency. I watch conservative media, and I have heard no calls for violence. In fact, I actually hear conservative hosts rejecting violence as a strategy to change things.

Glenn Beck for example has condemned any sort of violent acts, and has fashioned his broadcasts as a sort of pseudo religious and civics education class.

I personally condemn any violence against anyone for any reason other than immediate self protection of life and property.

This incident nor others like it should not be used as an excuse to limit our 2nd amendment right!

Even if, such as in this case, children are killed, our 2nd amendments is just as important as our other civil rights. People who violate laws already on the books aren’t going to obey any gun laws, so don’t punish the law abiders. Enforce current laws.

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