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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Houston Feed the Homeless Orginanization Shut Down - Letter to the Mayor

This is a copy of the letter I sent to Houston, Texas' Mayor Annise D. Parker in response to the news story where Houston Feed-the-homeless organization was shut down for not having a food permit.

If you want to send your own e-mail here's the Houston Mayor's e-mail address:

Mayor Annise D. Parker:

It is a disgrace that the City of Houston must get a piece of the Pie (so to speak) when out of the goodness of others, homeless people are fed. This charity costs the city nothing!

Your city should be ashamed of itself. If anything, your city should be helping & encouraging this sort of charitable behavior not standing in its way.

This is an instance where too much government is too much!

Your city needs some common sense leadership!

Now I remember why I can't stand intrusive governments. I hope you and your entire administration are replaced in the next election.

Thank You.

Daniel Taverne

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