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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Contradictory Rhode Island Governor Demonstrates Poor Judgment - Disrespects Conservative Constituents

Let me explain my point using the timeline of my discovery of the following two news stories.

First, on Fox News this evening, I heard that the Governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee (I) announced a ban on State Employees having any contact with radio broadcasters (talk radio).

Fox News reported Chafee’s belief that talk radio is entertainment, not news. Also, according to Fox News, the Governor did indicate that National Public Radio (NPR) is exempt from the ban.

Link to the Governor’s Talk Radio ‘Ban’ Story

Next, I came across an article that informed readers about the NPR’s -Media ‘Brown Relief’ where NPR Features a Story on Latinos‘ Joy Over the Arizona Shooter Being a ’Gringo’.

Link to NPR story

So, when you see these two stories, and you see the Governor disrespecting talk radio and its listeners while endorsing NPR who’s story of latino’s being glad the shooter was a Gringo, I begin to wonder.

Then I heard the NPR Story (Below). The story, “Brown Relief” is told by a female Latino to raise tear-jerked-sympathy for the over-blamed, and abused Latino masses. The story here is simple propaganda aimed at silencing voices critical of illegal immigration.

And, like I said in an earlier post: When I start to wonder, I start to ask other questions.

What does the Governor have against his constituents hearing his positions? Why can’t state employees talk to media outlets that are critical while expecting disclosure.

The Rhode Island Governor is way out of line. I urge Rhode Island conservatives to activate yourselves and prepare to vote. I urge conservatives to network; amass your numbers and vote out the guy who disrespects you. I think it’s already time for someone new. Don’t you?

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