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Friday, April 19, 2013


The theory being put forth by Alex Jones and some of his radio show callers is that the manhunt isn't really to find the 'supposed' second bombing suspect, but to exterminate the operatives of a spoiled plan designed to incriminate 'tea party' types.

How many law enforcement officials does it take to find one individual.  Is there any video footage of the supposed car chase?  Why has media been prohibited from filming anything, at the risk of being arrested, beyond the barricades?

Something is really fishy here.

Go to to read up on this stuff.


The MA state police just gave city residence the all clear, that they could stop sheltering in place because they believe the 19 year old suspect got away, though they don't know how.

Okay, suppose this is a huge conspiracy.  Given the treatment of the Boston suburb, effectively declaring martial law, are we to expect this kind of treatment in various cities across America as they "supposedly"  track the suspect across the country?

Can we expect this guy to be targeted with drones as he sits in a cafe' drinking coffee?  Will there be an acceptable collateral damage percentage?

Here's a question:  Since this is all anyone in the media  is talking about, what is not being covered?


Suspect #2 was captured.  Tonight, at the press conference that paraded out all the top federal, state and local law enforcement, they  patted themselves on the back as they announced that Boston and nearby Watertown areas coulld rest easy.

After that, they had a Q & A session.  One question in particular  was avoided (that I heard).  A reporter wanted to know why the  suspect went to MIT? 

Another interesting question was asked that made a couple officials visibly nervous.  He asked about an exemption of the suspects Miranda Rights.  The Federal Attorney was prompted to answer that question and she said it is true.  Certain suspects, in a national emergency or a terrorist attack, Miranda rights can be suspended.  Isn't it nice to know the federal government already has a mechanism in place to suspend our citizen's Constitutional rights to?

Another interesting observation - suspicion - I noted on NBC was a woman on the street applauding the public servants as they drove past after catching the suspect.  There was a crowd of folks applauding  them, but an NBC  reporter picked out one to ask some questions.

Because of the words the woman spoke, I believe she was an NBC plant.  One statement that caught my attention was they "were applauding because the (public servants) government  protected us". 

Everyone who has half a brain knows NBC is on board with Obama's Gun Control agenda.  The propaganda here was 1.  The Government will protect us.  2.  Since the government can do such a great protection  job, we have no need to want to protect ourselves.  3.  Obama is awesome.

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