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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scott Walker Wins!!!! *** Blogger Reaction ***

Conservablogger's remarks concerning reactions to this outcome:

I tuned into Fox News tonight just in time to hear Scott Walker's victory speech.  While it was a good speech, designed to unify all of Wisconsin's voters, I couldn't help but wonder how his opposition would have acted if they had won.

We could never know for sure, but   we can look at the reactions to to Walker's victory to make some educated guesses.

After Walker's speech, I tuned to MSNBC to gauge the network's reaction.  Mr. Ed, the talking jackass,  visibly disappointed, began asking his guests, the loser and a female Senator to give reasons for  for the loss.  

Each of them looked as if they had been sniffing onions for 20 minutes prior to the interviews, and   suggestions were made of possible Walker cheating, as well as the excuse of  being out spent on the campaign trail.  The black-progressive-female Senator suggested they should have started campaigning sooner, complained of robo-calls and out of state money.

Not one of the guests entertained the idea that the tax paying voters actually LIKE Walker's policies more than those of the union goons.

I say, way to go Scott Walker!  Keep up the good work.

To the voters of Wisconsin, you made a good and smart choice.

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