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Friday, June 8, 2012

Nationwide Food Drive Coming in July

Mercury One is proud to announce we have partnered with Glenn Beck to launch a National Food Drive. Following Restoring Love on July 28th, 11 tractor-trailers of food will leave Cowboys Stadium and go to 11 cities in need. Although this drive will be massive in scale, it also stands for something much larger. This drive is a statement to America that part of the country will still stand for their neighbors during their hour of need no matter what regulations the government instills. This food drive is based on common sense and basic goodness toward your neighbor.

At a time when there is increasing homelessness and hunger, why are city governments across the country making it increasingly difficult for you, your neighbors, churches and synagogues to feed the hungry? Why when we have a record number of kids going hungry in America are our politicians trying to restrict acts of charity?
Enough is enough.

With this initiative, Mercury One will supply food where it is needed. 11 cities, towns, and communities in need have been selected for immediate relief and Mercury One will be sending one tractor-trailer of food to each location following Restoring Love. It starts with us. Together we can make mankind our business and charity our promise. Please join our Food Drive and make the pledge of service to your neighbor in their greatest hour of need.


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