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Friday, June 29, 2012

Conservablogger Announces Operation 'Red White and Blue Dawn'

Coming together to defeat tyranny is our goal.

I indicated in a blog post yesterday following the SCOTUS ruling that wee needed to go 'Red Dawn" on Democrats and RINOs this November, and I want to amend that sentiment today.

I want to amend it because it will take some work, some serious effort, to change the political landscape.

There are forces out there who do not appreciate the relation between 'we the people' and government. They crap on our Constitution and our liberty while grinning in our faces telling us how they are helping us.

So, I am announcing 'Operation Red White and Blue Dawn' which will spread the message of Conservative values and give a better understanding of our founder's intent in writing the Constitution.

Operation Red white and Blue Dawn will promote the responsibilities of a free people.

If you want to take part, leave a comment. Lets be another movement that brings liberty and power back to the people.

This Operation is in its infancy so any ideas you have to promote the mission are welcomed.

I wrote the above quickly, so pardon grammer and spelling errors. I'll come back later and touch this up.

We have to get active to restore liberty and the rule of law.

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