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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obama Exerts Executive Privilege Over Fast & Furious Documentation

The White House just exerted executive privilege over  Fast and Furious documentation requested of the Justice Department by the Congressional Oversight Committee. 

As you probably know, fast and Furious was a gun walking operation that resulted in the death of a one American border patrol agent and probably the deaths of others.

Today, Congress is gearing up to hold AG Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.

The documentation requested by congress was Subpoenaed at least 8 months ago, but has not yet been produced by the justice department.

Holder testified to the Congressional oversight committee that The President didn't know, that  he (Holder) did not discuss Fast and Furious with the president.  

One question:  If the president didn't know about Fast and Furious, what gives the Chief Executive the authority and the need to assert executive privilege?

Did Holder lie (while under oath)  to Congress?

Did the president know about Fast and Furious?

What do they not want us to se?

I firmly believe Fast and Furious was concocted by Obama and Holder to undermine the 2nd Amendment.  It is my belief that the president has not attempted to publicly rail against privately owned firearms so he'd have the cover of his controlled media saying, "This president has done nothing to limit the second amendment."

It is my belief that if F & F was successfully kept secret,  and American guns were found at murder scenes,  his media surrogates  would have jumped all over the Second Amendment saying (in effect) "WE NEED MORE GUN CONTROL!"

Thanks to  Congressman Darrel Issa for keeping on this thing.  I hope and pray he doesn't back off.

This administration, in my opinion, has undermined much of the Constitution.  

The contraception mandate of religious institutions undermines the First Amendment, NDAA undermines the Fourth Amendment, The president declared the Senate was in recess to make recess appointments. According to the Constitution, only the Senate can declare itself in recess.

The President just went around congress with an executive order granting what has been characterized as amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants.

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