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Friday, June 17, 2011

Ideology Driving Obama's Decisions

I suggest reading the book, "The Roots of Obama's Rage" by Dineshi D’Souza who does a great job presenting evidence of the following points.

You can get a free copy of the book if you accept a "risk free" offer at THIS site.

Obama views America as the world’s worst rogue nation — and actually welcomes foreign policy defeats and limitations on American power

His experiences with his father filled him with hatred — a calm, ideological hatred derived from the debris of the anti-colonial wars and their impact on his family and especially his father

As Obama enacts crippling financial reforms, he is not working to restore the economy — but is trying to punish the capitalists he sees as a neocolonial force within American society

In setting artificial withdrawal dates in Afghanistan, Obama is more concerned with reining in what he regards as America the Oppressor than he is with actually winning the war on terror

Behind cap and trade: why, for Obama, high oil prices aren’t the problem; America’s level of consumption is the problem — and America’s energy “addiction” is presumed to be a new form of neocolonial exploitation

Obama unceremoniously returned the Churchill bust in the Oval Office — a gift from Tony Blair after the 9/11 attacks — to Great Britain, and other examples of his contempt for our “colonialist” allies

Obama’s conference on Iran and North Korea’s nuclear weapons programs ended not with anything being done about Iran and North Korea — but with reductions in the American and Russian stockpiles

The ominous implications of Obama’s twenty years in the Afrocentric church of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright — including the fact that Obama was first attracted to this racist church by a sign outside that said: FREE AFRICA

The shocking core belief that explains Obama’s friendship with the radical activist/terrorist Bill Ayers

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