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Monday, June 20, 2011

U.S. Open, NBC Omits "UNDER GOD" from the Pledge

This, as sorry as it is, shouldn't surprise anyone.  NBC acts like a friend to America while it stabs Mother Liberty in her back.  I can't stand liberal media.

Did you know tomorrow there will be a Mrs. Obama special on NBC touting her efforts to 'feed starving children'?   Isn't she God's gift tohumanity?  Did you see the sappy commercial previewing the show?  It was oh so exceptionally dripping with thick pomposity and self indulgence... there wasn't an ounce of meekness in it... I WILL NOT be watching this.

My parents taught me to do my acts of kindness, not seeking recognition.  Mrs. Obama is ONLY doing her acts of kindness as a propaganda tool for recognition, and NBC is dishing it out to women and minorities by the bucket loads.

Its like, she is SO KIND that we aught to love her so much that we just have to re-elect her Socialist anti-colonial, Constitution hating hubby. 

They make me sick!

The progressive-libaral-media doesn't want us believing in God.  They don't want us understanding that our rights, our libeerty, flows to us as individuals, from God.  This is why the pledge begins with "I", not "we".  Our rights come to us as individuals, not as a collective.  They are individual rights not "human" rights... our salvation is granted to us as individuals, not as collective.  

We have to (with the aid and approval of God) protect our devine providence of liberty and self determination!

Here's the video of NBC Omitting the "under God" phrase (just like Obama did)  from our pledge of  Allegiance.

NBC advertisers, I won't be buying anything you are advertising on NBC!

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