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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No! Not Another Obama Address! I don't need to hear him, I know his ideology and it SUCKS!

I believe the only people actively listening to what comes out of our President’s mouth are either media people, or sniveling-progressive-Jerkwads.

I, for one, have ZERO CONFIDENCE that anything comming out of his mouth is either truthful, or earnestly expresses a policy or value that will ‘actually’ strengthen our Constitutional Republic.

Why do I feel this way? He’s got his department heads acting outside of congress regulating our nations industries so they can‘t see economic success. The EPA, FDA, and healthcare are a few.

If the president is leading us where we are going, what is our destination? We are headed for national economic bankruptcy, while our most inexpensive natural resources such as coal (that is despised by this administration) is exported to other nations that do not have our impossible regulations.

We could be moving toward responsible energy independence, but oil drilling permits are next to impossible to get (aren’t being given). Obama is purposely driving up energy prices, and our economy is tied to energy!

So, will I be watching his lame-ass address tonight? Let’s just say, “I’d rather have all my teeth yanked without anesthesia!”

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