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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beck on Target, Media Misses Mark

You MUST watch this episode <---LINK  

 I'm telling you, the world is going to come apart at the seams if we aren't aware of what's going on!  It may anyway, but atleast knowing will prompt us to prepare.

The episode I'll post tomorrow (I saw it today), is a warning that our nation; the president, his staff as well as the  United Nations  are on the wrong side of the middle east actions.

I'm telling you, IT IS UNBELIEVABLE!

Did you know that Obama's Regulatory CZAR,  Cass Sunstein's wife was appointed by Obama to his foreign affairs office?  Did you know a book she wrote is the basis for the UN's justification for blasting Libia?

Do you know that Isreal is being set up to fall under the same provisions?  Isreal is being prodded into reacting to atrosities, so the UN will be given justification for ganging up on Isreal... Just like LIbia... or worse.        

You must see the show I link to tomorrow night!

I was floored! 

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