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Friday, March 4, 2011

Liberals or Conservatives: Who would be more prosperous?

Let’s consider what would happen if we divided the USA into 2 nations; One nation to be occupied by liberals; the other by conservatives.

We could use the Mississippi river as a dividing line. Each nation would start with only the resources present in each respective nation.

We can imagine a competition to see which political ideology would be more prosperous.

The liberals could set up what ever kind of government they want: Socialist, communist, Islamic, democratic, whatever.

The conservatives on the other hand, would get to stick to the current democratic republic form of government; using the constitution, and reverting back to the constitution the way it was originally written (without the slavery portion active).

The liberals can have the progressives, the Democrats, the Union Leaders, Van Jones, Al Sharpton, Obama can be your president, you can take your Huffington Post, Code Pink, Joyce Foundation, your social change activists, social justice activists, and your collective salvation.

I’ll stick with the Conservatives who believe in God, that our rights come to us by Him, and are unalienable. I’ll stick with private job creators because they pay the nation’s bills. A government … of… by … and for the people understands and respects this.

I’ll move over the the Conservative side of the Mississippi because I know there… racists are few and far between. I’ll stick with the Tea Party folks who understand civility, but will stand up to repression by the other side.

I’ll stick to the side where people have Christian values, are SELF RELIANT, and won’t expect to have their pockets picked by socioeconomic theifs.

If you ever see this type of situation develop, which side will you want to be on? Which side do you think would be more prosperous?

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