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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is SEIU in Louisiana Just as Extreme As Anywhere?

Is SEIU an organization concerned with honesty, fairness, rule of law, and our national financial security? 

Despite my personal beiref in this matter, I'm not lumping the individual union members into the same looser-category as their thug-leadership and the fools who blindly follow their instructions.

If you follow this link to Louisiana's SEIU Baton Rouge web page, you'll read how they "stand in solidarity" with the protesters in Wisconsin.

Louisiana taxpayers, what does this tell you about Louisiana's chapter? 

On the Louisiana website you will also see an out-of-touch headline stating Gov. Walker "May Have Illegally Denied Wisconsinites a Voice in the Process"!  Yet,  we all know the Wisconsin Democrats showed their true colors by running from their sworn duty. 

If I were an SEIU union member, I would think twice about remaining so.  I've witnessed a first-hand account of their bullying tactics to gain membership by corporations (Corporate Campaigns).  And, if that's not bad enough, now one of their "former" officials, Stephen Lerner, spoke as part of a panel in NY about how to effectively destablize our economy

Today, March 23, SEIU didn't deny that Lerner still works for them.  They, according to the Glenn Beck show, stated Lerner is on administrative leave though his phone extention got his voicemail.

If you are paying union dues, there is a good chance those dues are paying Lerner's Salary.  How does this make you feel?

If you are allied with SEIU, you might want to ask your leadeership, "what to hell is going on with Lerner?"  That is unless you don't mind having our nations financial system collapse.

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