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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Steve Lerner, Mortgage Strike, Economic Terrorism, May 2011, Glenn Beck Broke this Story First

Steve Lerner is a former SEIU.  What kind of organization is SEIU?  Here's a link to 3 videos that show you. 

Pardon my French, but listen to this A-hole at a conference at a New York College.

It, according to reports, was attended by Frances Fox Piven and a bunch of social-activist-leader degenerates.

Watch this video and ask yourself, "Does this sound like they are plotting economic terrorism to me?"  ...Pay attention.

This is a sleeper cell of another sort!  The speaker, and the attendees should be arrested, and brought up on charges! But they won't be, not in this administration, and I wonder why?

Where are the oh-so-concerned-about-civility networks on this?  Why isn't the media reporting on this? 

Where to hell are they?  It's like I've been saying for 2 years. 

The mainstream press/media isn't serving us any longer.  Today they seem to be part of the liberty shredding machine... that is my opinion.

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