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Monday, November 22, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why Barbara Bush Wants Sarah Palin to Stay in Alaska:

By Daniel Taverne

10. Sarah Palin isn‘t repulsed by people who work for a living.

9. Mrs. Bush worries that the Palin clan might move in right next door. I can hear her now, “There goes the neighborhood”

8. Palin’s Fame is of her own making

7. Palin is smart and Pretty

6. Palin actually drives herself around.

5. Palin considers herself an everyday American

4. Palin’s first car wasn’t a Model - T

3. Palin passes gas, and it actually stinks

2. Palin doesn’t regularly give a hoot which fork she uses to eat her salad

1. While sipping Tea, Palin doesn’t hold her pinky finger at the proper angle

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