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Monday, November 8, 2010

Are we Fish, or are we Free?

My 20 year old daughter wanted a pet fish, so she went to the store and bought a small fish tank and one lonely fish.

The lonely little fish swims in its small tank, and I look at it every day. Occasionally I give it a pinch of fish food.

I began to draw parallels in terms of the relationship between myself and the fish, and what my relationship is (or aught to be) with government.

Is the fish free? Does the fish have liberty? President Obama and the rest of the progressive-liberal-left would probably say “Yes“.  After all, within the confines of the tank,  it's obviously free. He can swim closer to me, farther away, go up, or go down. And, occasionally some entity comes along and gives him something to eat.

This type of existence is in stark opposition of ACTUAL liberty. We Americans can’t pursue our god given rights in a nation whose government legislates us into a metaphorical fishbowl with detramental welfare programs, trade imbalances and laws.

The skyrocketing entitlement spending as well as trillions borrowed to prop up our failing economy will, in the words of George Soros, cause a “gradual decline of the dollar” which can also contribute to our loss of liberty by causing inflation.  How do they do this?  They print massive amounts of dollars to devalue the currency.

Liberty to me means that I get to make my own decisions. They’d say, “You can make your own decisions, but here is a list of approved choices.”

When “they” (leftist progressive liberals) begin limiting your choices: happy meals for instance, they get their foot in the door knowing you’ve begun to allow their decision making to override your own.

In contrast, the more decisions a person can make for himself, the more free he/she is. That fish is much more free in a lake than in that little fishbowl!

My point: Are we, as a free people going to allow the current administration, the Tides Foundation, Media Matters, the Huffington Post, and all those power hungry radicals like George Soros; are we going to allow them to pluck us out of our lake to put us in a fishbowl?

I say no!

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