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Monday, November 29, 2010

Could Cyber-emergency (Like Wiki-Leaks) Prompt Government Control of the Internet ?

Okay, truthfully I haven't read any of the Wiki-Leaks.  I'm not even sure If I'm spelling it correctly since I haven't even visited that sight.  I mean, why would I need any of that information?  What would I do with it?

Someone, or some people do, however want the information.  It is said that the information is damaging, yet it has been dispersed like the clap in an intercity public school.

What better reason is there than this to clamp down on the freedom of the internet?  Think about it: creat a reason to "protect" the American people and its allies.  Create a "cyber-emergency", then ensure the emergency is exploited to the fullest extent; using it like a vise to clamp down on the only unabated source of information in the nation.

Maybe the truths of the Socialist, marxist and even communist activities of union officials and our government can be kept underwraps by severy regulating what can be circulated on said internet.  If (in the name of cyber-security) we only get our information from institutions like NBC, ABC and CBs, we are screwed, and propaganda will be the only "truth" we'll know (in my opinion).

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