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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Media Spends Credability on Obama

The Big 3 Networks have thrown away their credibility singing the candidate Obama’s praises.

During the months leading up to the last Presidential election, major media outlets like NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN were overtly promoting Obama’s Presidential run.

The imbalance in coverage quantity and quality both promoting Obama and not legitimizing the GOP candidates successfully created a rock-star persona for Obama that propelled him to the Whitehouse.

Now that America has a better understanding of Obama’s ideology and what his fundamental transformation of America will look like, America has decided they don't like it so much.

The voices of networks that propelled such an ideologue simply can’t be trusted to accurately and impartially inform its viewers.

I feel so betrayed by the “big 3” that I no longer watch any of their programming; much less their nightly news broadcasts.

I don’t believe my feelings on this subject are isolated. Consider, for example, the mandate of the recent midterm election that rejected Obama's agenda. Then, more to the point, consider the droves of viewers turning from "mainstream" networks to watch Fox News instead.

By pushing an agenda that is not good for Americans, the “big 3 networks” have thrown away almost all of their credibility. Furthermore, by not asking tough questions and being a responsible arm of the people, their journalists have failed the constitutional mandate of their profession.

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