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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Watch the Complete ABC/YAHOO IOWA Debate Aired on 21/10/11

I think the moderators were unfair with the time, allowing Romney and Gringrich to monopolize more than a fair amount of time.

And I'm not surprised.  This is a 'mainstream' media outlet, after all, and mainstream is progressive (not in a good way), in a liberal left wing 'they know what's better for us than we do' sort of way way and want to point voters toward another of their kind.

Check it out and see if I am mistaken:

Conservabloggerl Opinion:

I  think Gingrich lost some of his earlier luster.  He did look frazzled, and he seemed awash with defensiveness.  

Romney was the same old Romney;  nothing new here.  His performance didn't improve my opinion of him at all. 

Perry's performance this time was better than his last few performances.  However, he still wasn't believable to me about social issues, and illegal immigration.

Ron Paul, except for one of his foreign policies concerning protecting Israel was fantastic.  He really stood apart from the pack by relentlessly identifying the cause of our nations  financial - fiscal - problems.

Rick Santorum Was very good.  He seemed to grasp the idea of having to fight for our nation.  When he explained how he won a district of Pennsylvania (as a conservative candidate) that is 60 percent Democrat, told me he's a fighter.  He has a great grasp of American exceptional ism, has a great working knowledge of Washington.  He is also a strong advocate for Israel.  Santorum would make a good president, but is he the right person for this time in history?

Michele Bachman was strong, direct, and fearless.   I think she is great, but mainstream has a way of black-balling her. 

(They do this with Ron Paul too.)   She won the straw Poll here earlier this year, and the media came out attacking her.  She continues to point out that she is the "clear consistent conservative" on the panel, and I believe her (as I believe Paul's and Santorum's consistency is unquestionable.)  That said,  will the media ever give her a chance?  I don't think so.  And if they don't give her a chance, does she have a chance to with the presidency?

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