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Friday, December 16, 2011

Fox News Republican Spin Costing Credibility

Has anyone else noticed how Fox News heavily favors Romney?  

As I watch coverage of the GOP candidates, I can't help but make this observation.

Wasn't this the same behavior practiced by the liberal 'mainstream'  media to get Obama elected?   What we ended up with, is the illusion of  a fairly elected President who, if properly scrutinized by the media, would never have been elected.

As far as I'm concerned, ttis deception (which I didn't fall for) by mainstream media has cost them what little credibility they had.  Because of this behavior, I never turn to mainstream expecting to get truth.  What I do expect from them is progressive propaganda.

Fox News seems to be engaging in this same behavior, except this time, it appears to me,  they are backing Progressive Republicans:  Romney and Gingrich.

Romney passed a statewide healthcare law (similar to Obamacare) in his state of Massachusetts, and Gingrich helped create the Department of Education, and has stated (in the past) he wants a single payer system  for healthcare.  As I stated in an earlier post, Gingrich and Palosi were seen kissing in a tree singing kum-by-ah over climate change!

So today, after last night's Fox News Debate, I turned on Fox to  hear the spin.  As expected, I heard many Romney clips, many Gingrich clips, and much to-do about about their performances.  What I didn't hear was many clips from the other Republican candidates.

They are very careful not to completely ignore anyone, but the obvious bias toward the Progressive right is turning me off to the network.

Yes, Fox News ( or its parent organization) has picked which candidates to support.  These candidates are exactly the kinds of candidates we have to avoid if we want to solve the problems of the nation.  The folks Fox seems to support are part of the Republican machine establishment! They are exactly the kinds of people who helped get us in this fix in the first place.

It's because of this apparent backing by Fox News, that the network is quickly losing credibility with me.

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