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Friday, December 23, 2011

Eric Holder Pulls Race Card as Defense for Illegal Gun Running Program? Can you believe it?!

I'm passing along this e-mail from THE TEA PARTY.  Read it, then ask yourself if the color of Eric Holder's skin is the real reason why he should be investigated and fired.  If you're honest, I'm sure you'll agree that reasoning is bull crap. 
"Dear Patriot,

Despite his lies and protestations to the contrary, Eric Holder's knowledge of Fast and Furious dates back to early 2010. This is a program that has put thousands of guns in the hands of Mexican drug cartels and has led to the death of US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.
After each lie, half-truth, and obfuscation, Eric Holder has come up with another excuse for why he is not culpable in this gunrunning scheme. Now that he's out of excuses, he's finally resorted to liberals' favorite defense: his critics are only focusing on Fast and Furious due to the color of his skin!

This is blatantly false and a cowardly defense for the country's leading law enforcement official. We want Eric Holder investigated for his involvement in the illegal gunrunning scheme and for lying to cover it up!

If you agree that Eric Holder should be held accountable, please take a moment to
sign our petition today.

Thank you,

Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer

P.S. Our strength is in numbers. Please help our efforts by forwarding to a friend."


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