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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Republican Primary Candidates - Conservablogger Revised Opinions

Okay,  we've got just a few candidates left in the Republican Primary  that I would be comfortable voting for.

Here are  my opinions of the candidates:

Romney is out because he's a RINO who has no solid convictions.  He seems to tell folks what they want to hear, flip-flopping like a landed trout.  He's also the one we are being force-fed by the traditional Republican machine.

Perry is out because of his lack of conviction on illegal immigration... that illegals (undocumented residents) should not get preferential treatment or  tuition breaks. He's another candidate we were being spoon-fed by the traditional Republican  machine.

Cain is out because he is actually out.

Gingrich is out because he 'sat in a tree with Palosi' singing kumbiyah over bullcrap climate science.  Too bad too.  I actually like his knowledge on subjects important to the person who occupies  the presidency.

Ron Paul is out because he, sadly, has some views of foreign policy regarding Israel, that I can't support.  If not for that, I'd probably support this guy.

Huntsman, I never considered him because he's an Obama appointee who was the Amabssador to China.  That's not to say he has done anything - I know of - to discount him, but Obama wouldn't have selected him if he weren't a yes man.  That means he's a RINO too. (in my sad opinion).

Who does that leave?  Bachman and Santorum.

I think Michele Bachman knows the gravity of the upcoming election the most, and she's the only one stressing its importance.  Additionally, she seems to know better than anyone what it's going to take to save our Republic.  She also has good foreign policy experience being on an important cabinet position as Congresswoman.

Rick Santorum?  So far, he hasn't messed up in a way that's made the news.  To be honest, I don't actually know enought about him to formulat an accurate opinion. I do know he is a true conservative and lots of conservatives appreciate his convictions.

So, up to this point, If I were voting tomorrow I would vote for Bachman. 

Then the question arises, could Michele Bachman beat Obama in the November election?  I think once she can devote her resources to exposing Obama's failed policies, she'll do great.

The media who, backed by unions and government, will be doing everything in its vast sphere of influence to re-elect Obama, but if Bachman clearly and passionately explains how her policies  are better for America, she'll still win. 

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