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Friday, September 30, 2011

Van Jones: In October "Hold onto your Seats" as Progressives Fight Back

Former Obama Green Jobs Czar says, in the spirit of the Arab Spring, we're going to be seeing the "American Fall... The American Autumn".

He's putting something together called "The American Dream Movement" that he says is their answer to the TEA Party.

Jones calls the national deficit "...phony, made up".

When Jones talks about the banks that received the financial stimuli should start paying us back, he thinks we forgot it was our President (his buddy) is the dude who gave it to them!

The Tea Party would not have bailed those banks out.

Our government created the housing bubble by mandated high-risk-loans (sub prime). This means they were forced (by government regulation) to give loans to people with bad credit; because everyone should be able to buy a nice house, right?

The vast majority of our fiscal and economic problems including unemployment is a direct result of government interference with the free market.

As planned,  Jones and his Progressive-puke-counterparts are using our current situation to cause the bottom to "rise up", as in his "top down, bottom up and inside out" plan for revolution.

This next election, for our republic's sake, we have to vote all the progressives out of office and replace them with constitutional conservatives.

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