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Sunday, September 25, 2011

NPR Accusing the Tea Party of Standing in the Way of Obama's Progress - Do Ya Think?!

Today I overheard a NPR commentator say that the Tea Party was standing in the way of the president’s American Jobs Act; keeping people out of work.

The reason for this is because with the Tea Party, we faithfully have folks in congress representing ‘we the people’. and they know the presidents so-called American Job Act is a pile of crap! A more accurate name might be: The Line the pockets of Unions, and Bankrupt America Act.

He wants to put people to work alright. He doesn’t want to stimulate the free market in a positive way to create private sector jobs; he wants to throw money at road and bridge companies, which are union jobs.

Roads and bridges will employ union workers, and won’t increase the treasury. They aren’t self sustaining jobs that pay for themselves, they are jobs the government has to support.

Sure, those workers might be working, but how much will each job cost tax payers?

Private sector jobs on the other hand don’t cost us tax payers anything. In fact, if the Obama administration would spend less time and money creating crappy, anti-business regulations, private businesses would be better able to create jobs.

What this country needs is MORE TEA PARTY folks in offices. We need to take our nation back from the radical-socialist-progressives that have manages to sleeze themselves into power… they are destroying our nation!

Yes, some services will have to be CUT! Maybe some revenue will have to be raised… or our tax system revised, but for sure cuts have to be made.

If your household is trying to keep from going bankrupt, you don’t go out and borrow a year’s worth of income to pay your bills, you cut your spending and pay down your debts!

So, when the tea party talks about cutting, they are talking about the common-sense-recourse that will save our failing economy… that, and get government out of the way of enterprise.

Communities will have to step in and be of help to others. We are going to have to get through this together. But vilifying the only people who want to save our republic, the tea party, is doing our nation a disservice.

People who say the tea party is the problem, really mean the tea party is tossing a monkey wrench into their plans, and they can’t stand it.

So what they are doing is trying to turn “Tea Party” into a bad word.

They call us racists; untrue. They call us uncaring; untrue. They lie and distort the truth which is to fundamentally change America … closer to their heart’s desire.

Look at what progressives have done to Detroit. Look at what progressive policies have done to any City over a period of time. Progressive policies destroy jobs, they destroy dream, and they are destroying our national economy.

It’s not the Tea Party. It’s our current administration!

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