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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Conservablogger's Opinion of GBTV Episode 1 & 2

Blog Review of GBTV First Episodes:

GBTV kicked off its first episode Monday and I was not disappointed!

From the beginning Beck directed my attention to stories that mainstream isn’t covering.

In his first episode, in true Beck fashion, we learned history that has been erased.  85 years ago in New York City there was an explosion so powerful it was felt in Baltimore. Beck uses the fact that none of us ever heard this story, as an example of how history can be erased, and then retold at a later date in such a way that it suit’s political purposes.

Beck Showed us how the "Black Tom" incident's official story (history) was changed, then used.   

Beck then pointed to  how the official 9/11 narrative has already changed in just 10 years. This point was quite compelling.

In the first show, Beck noted how New York’s Mayor made Ground Zero a “Clergy Free Zone” (didn‘t want to offend anyone), and how they “didn’t have room for first responder American heros”. Beck then pointed out lots of space where 9/11 first responders could have stood.

Beck took a moment of his time to have both Clergy and first responders on his show, and allowed a Bishop (I think) to give a prayer. This was very nice.

Tuesday’s show was equally riveting.

Beck‘s infamous chalkboard had a good workout.. It is cool…. You should see it.

Beck said he is committed to truth (like it or not), hope, and solutions.

Among many subjects covered, Beck spoke of us viewers in terms of being the ones who will be prepared, and the ones who will be a help to others.

Beck warned that difficult times are coming. Radicals, revolutionaries, communists, and socialists, are coming together to change the world. Sadly, some of these nefarious characters are in our own government.

Beck suggested we prepare to share., he said if and when the system collapses; if (or when) serious budget cuts cause severe cuts   in services, and lots of people lose their jobs... when union thugs and revolutionaries take to the streets, we have to be prepared to help our neighbors!  Helping our neighbors will help this situation.  Beck stressed we can't get amgry.  They want us to get angry and lash out.  Beck insists that we maintain control by preparing.

Now, I embellished what Beck was saying, but it’s along those lines. He did say, “Prepare to share”. He did say, “Prepare to help your neighbors.”

Beck also said we should read. He encouraged his viewers to read about leaders who are known for being peaceful. Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Moses or Jesus. Learn how they overcame so much.
Beck also encouraged us to love and serve our fellow Americans.

I’m excited about Beck’s new show. It is Better than when he was on Fox. I highly recommend that you tune him in.

Go to GBTV.COM and check it out.

Note: I do not personally know Glenn Beck, and none of the material in this post is endorsed by Beck…. But, I AM ENDORSING HIS SHOW!

One more thing. I wonder what Fox News thinks of having a major block of viewers turning Fox off at 5pm.

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