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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Savage Nation Misses Possible Reason for Obama Gay Marriage Announcement

For the first time ever, tonight I tried calling in to the “Savage Nation” radio program.  I was unsuccessful.

Michael Savage, host of the radio talk show, was seeking theories explaining why (knowing how unpopular it was going to be) Obama would come out publicly supporting Gay Marriage. 

Savage suggested two possibilities:  1. Shoring up support from his base, and 2.  That Obama isn’t worried about getting re-elected because he knows the ‘fix is in’ on the election.

I have another theory that I didn't hear tonight.  Consider Obama realizing he is facing an up-hill battle this November.  He knows by now how wildly unpopular his Marxist policies are, and he knows he can’t distance himself from his former remarks regarding energy costs, anti-coal, fossil fuels, circumventing congress at every opportunity & his repeated crapping on the constitution; he feels  he must  do something popular.  

Keeping this in mind, any favorable change of heart (in energy matters for instance) would be jumped on as a calculated and purely political move.  No one would believe he has the capacity to have a ‘actual’ change of heart.  Unless….

Unless he has a record of being thoughtful and having views that are in various states of evolution.   He can now change his mind on any issue and say his feelings on it were evolving. 

 This makes me wonder how his views on partial (or after) birth abortion will evolve.

He can now reassure the American people that his Liberation Theology and Collective Salvation days are over, and he can point to his gay marriage announcement and say, "See, I can be objective despite political damage.

I expect Obama will cave on the Keystone pipeline project and approve it.  I predict he’ll back of on certain rhetoric that most Americans view as intrusive and unamerican.

His Marxist, Communist, socialist (Progressive) colleagues as well as MSM, will be discussing how courageous Obama was to make such a historic statement; especially knowing it is politically unpopular to a large majority of Americans.

MSNBC’s Mr. Ed (the talking jackass) spelled out the liberal talking point tonight.  In his story introduction, he said Obama is the candidate of equality, and Romney is the candidate of inequality.

Some callers on Savage’s radio show suggested the Obama confession is just a distraction.  If we are talking about that, we are not talking about Obama’s failed policies and record.

What about the election results?  Apparently, a company in Brazil is going to be counting our presidential ballots this fall.  Do you believe the election could actually be fixed?

Let me ask you this, If Obama ‘COULD’ fix the election and guarantee his reelection, do you think he would?

What about Romney?

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