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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wife Needs Car. Can you help?

I hesitate to place this request here because it is outside the scope of this blog.

I am a U.S. Army veteran.  I served  from 1986 to 1998.  I was honorably discharged, and I am decorated.

After my service, I pursued an occupation as a brick mason.

In 2002, I became ill with a strange sort of protein deficiency which has caused me to become disabled.

I am legally blind, and I can't drive.

I was married in 1996, and began college in the hopes of becoming an Occupational Therapist. in 1998.

Unfortunately, the illness caused me to have to resign from school.   I go back and forth to the VA hospital very, very often.

My wife married me, and we had big dreams.  I was going to finish school, start working in my field, then my wife was going to go to school.

Instead, she is a maid (she cleans)  in a public school, and I am collecting disability (which isn't much).

One of the things I had been wanting to do for my wife at some point is to buy her a new car.  She has never had one.

Sadly, this is something I probably will never be able to do.

We've always had old clunkers.  The car she's driving now is a '91 Lumina, and  It  is falling apart.

The head liner is coming down, it has a cracked grill with half of it missing, the paint is badly faded, she just got it out of the shop for a sensor and a power steering pump, and now it is bucking and juking at about 40 mph.

The car is embarrassing to be seen in, and my wife has to put water in it at least every 2 days.  The car leaks, and she has to vacuum water out of the floor boards and trunk every time it rains.  Furthermore, the back deck felt is dry rotting away.  Additionally, the stereo only has one speaker that works.  I can't see good enough to fix any of these problems.

So, this brings me to my request.  My wife is partial to the Toyota Camry.  

She saw a commercial for one while we watched the race tonight and she remarked, "I wish". 

Well, I wish for her.  I would never be able to drive it, but I would love to hear her smiling voice when someone says, "here this is yours".  That would make my life.

 Every time I hear her complain about her car, I feel bad.  I feel shame and disappointment in myself  because I am unable to fulfill her expectations.

I really love my wife and would like to be able to get this for her myself, but I can't.  So, if you have sufficient means and feel compelled, would you consider getting my wife a Toyota Camry?

It's not easy asking like this, in this format.  I will keep up the work of Conservablogger, and will keep the faith upon which our nation was founded.

Thank you in advance.  Contact me by email at


Dan Taverne...

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