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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ms. Obama makes a Sickening Appearance on NBC's "The Biggest Loser"

Did I say sickening? Why yes I did.

When I saw Ms. Obama on the monitor, I felt like barfing.

Imagine NBC using the 'Gift' of letting the Biggest Loser contestants meet the first lady as a reward for making it to makeover week.

Now that is some reward (said with sarcasm)!

And, the contestant's reactions after hearing the announcement that they'd be meeting the 1st lady at the White House were equally sickening to me.

This was simply a blatant move to increase the 1st family's popularity.

"See, look at me. I'm so nice and friendly. I just care about America so much!"

Not that she would ever suggest we change our thinking, our traditions or our history.

My opinion of her has nothing to do with her skin color! I don't like ... I disapprove whole heatedly ... of that family's ideology; that they think they know what's better for me and my family than I do. Even if they did know better, they don't have the right or authority to dictate policies the way they have been.

We the people are not their subjects. We aught to respect the position of the family, but we don't have to revere them the way subjects revere royalty.

This is why the contestants made me sick as well. They acted like they were meeting the Pope, or or Jesus, Himself.

Thae First Family does not impress me at all, and If I was invited to meet the first lady I'think I'd have more important things to do that day.

Remember, NBC is a network that lies. Yes, LIES!

The Today show last week edited the 911 phone call editing out portions to fit an agenda. This can easily be researched on the internet. (I'm not making this up)

So, when I see this situation tonight with Ms. Obama being paraded on NBC like she's the Queen of America, I get sick to my stomach!

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