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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Voting without photo ID pushed for all 50 states

Thumbs Down to hr 3316 & 3317
A Minnesota congressman has proposed federal legislation that would impose his state’s type of voter registration – which leads the nation in voter fraud cases – on the other 49 states, according to critics who have launched online campaigns to make people aware of the dangers of Rep. Keith Ellison’s H.R. 3316 and its companion H.R. 3317.... MORE...

Conservablogger Comment:

This is pure shenanigans by the Democratic party who knows, yes knows, it can't win the next elections running on their record.

They have to stack the deck in their favor.  Do I think they will resort to vote stealing, and other voter fraud?  Yes, I certainly do.

This administration has already been involved in some very shady deals.  They've been involved in fast and furious  which would, by design, undermine the 2nd amendment.  They've got sylndra (sp?) the failed solar panel company they loaned over  half a billion dollars to.  They've failed to prosecute voter intimidation charges, they've put a moratorium on off shore drilling, then loaned 2 Billion to Brazil to drill off shore.  This administration has failed to  secure the borders, then filed law suits against states trying to protect their citizens.  This administration has also stood in the way of the free market working out the kinks to fixing itself.  

For political points, or so the system will fail, this administration is backing the revolutionaries who are engaged in the occupy movements.  Can you tell I don't like this administration?  

The radical left in the white house wants to retain power, so they do what ever it takes to that end.  They know we are onto them and their bull crap, and they are scared to death.  They should be.

Call and write your congressman and senators.  Let them know you DO NOT  support the house bill that would remove the photo ID requirement to vote.


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