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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cain: Perry Camp Responsible for Sabotage

Cain remarks during a tele-town hall that the  Perry Campaign is responsible for attempting to sabotage his recent success.

Conservablogger Remark:  I don't doubt that the establishment Republican Party is responsible for this 20 year old dirt being flung all over the politicall landscape.  It has been clear all along that the chosen candidates for the  (R) party are either Perry, or Romney:  2 Rinos if I ever saw one.

You got Perry giving illegal aliens tuition breaks, and you got Romney backing an Obama-esque style healthcare system as governor of MA. 

So, someone who is clearly from outside the established Republican party, Herman Cain, comes along and finds favor with the electorate; they have to respond.

My message to Herman Cain is, "hang in there!"  I'm not buying the bull crap they're selling, and most Americans ain't either.

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