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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Madison, Wisconsin ‘s Union 'Children' Should Sit Down and Shut Up!

Do you have children? If you do, you know how it feels when they argue with you over something you impose on them, that is for their own good.

It’s moments like those in my home that I simply want to tell my tantrum throwing children to …”Just sit down and shut up!”

The union members in Madison, Wisconsin should intellectually, understand the dilemma their state faces. The Unions they work for have promised pensions the state can’t deliver… and it’s not the unions who employ those workers… it’s the state!

Wisconsin Union Members, your state has discovered a cancer it is trying to remove. It’s painful to remove cancers with a knife, but the patient (your state) will be better off afterward.

In the same respect that you found security in a state/federal job, you should have understood your security was dependant on the prosperity of the state’s budget.

And unionizing yourselves has forced the state to place its budget in the red. Many states are having this problem right now.

So sacrifices have to be made. Wisconsin union workers, stop acting like spoiled children! Sit down and shut up!

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