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Friday, February 4, 2011

Beck Counters "crazy" Attack from Left with FACTS AND REASON while Left Ignores Calls for Violence Here

There is no way Mr. Beck could be any clearer explaining his Caliphate Theory, nor more justified for having it in the first place.

  The left has branded him a nut, a crazy person; they said he needs help; they said he's dangerous and other negative descriptors.

Instead of bashing Beck's theory, they aught to be standing in line trying to find answers to the issues he raises.

Where is the mainstream media on this?!

Why is the mainstream looking the other way concerning rallies by organizations calling for revolution and whose members openly advocate violence here in the USA?
Where is the mainstream media when at a rallly attended by leftist radicals, attendees say Justice Clarence Thomas should  go "Back in the Fields" and they should "string up his wife"?  

Mainstream, where are you?  I'll tell you where you are.  You are pining away for the outcome they desre, because you are owned and controlled by forces looking to dismantle our republic.

If Egypt is taken by the Muslum Brotherhood, they will go to war with Isreal.  If Isreal falls, and Saudi Arbia also falls, we; here in America will feel notice a patrolium ripple immediately.  I

And, Code Pink (as beck points our) is backing the Muslum Brotherhood saying they want to help "Clense" Egypt. 

This is the very reason why I can't stand the big 3 networks.  In my opinion, THEY SUCK!

Click Here to watch this episode.

The video below is of the rally I spoke about above.  This rally was last weekend, and van jones was there.

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