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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tea Party Candidate Announces Senate Run in Virginia

Tea Party Candidate Announces Senate Run in Virginia <--link to story

Jamie Radtke, a Richmond area mother of three and chairwoman of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots has filed to run for the Virginia Republican Senate nomination, seeking the seat currently held by Senator Jim Webb (D-VA).
Radtke says she'll run to protect her children from debt, taxes and a federal government that she claims is guilty of "reckless and immoral spending." ..more

My Comments:  I like the way this lady talks.  she hits the nail on the head when she describes the government as "self-searving".  We need people like her in the Senate; people with balls who will conduct the business that is "...of the people, by the people, and for the people."  The way things are now, we could replace the word "people" with either "union" or "government".

Only by electing like-minded people can we turn this ship around. 

America, take note and back this candidate!  Virginia, take note and back this candidate.

She may represent your state, but her votes have national consequences.

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