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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sarah Palin: I want to Go Camping too!

Sarah Palin, Take me Camping! Please…

I watched sarah Palin’s Alaska tonight. It was great.

While watching the show, I can now see why liberals hate Sarah’s guts. Sarah Palin stands for everything they hate. Self Reliance, personal responsibility, gun rights, freedom, liberty, hard work and many of the things feminists and progressives despise.

I say, “Sarah, you go girl!”

Sarah Palin, and her family braved a cool and rainy day alongside a river, and looked like they were having a good time.

They ate “moose hotdogs” burgers, and smoores!

I wished I was there, as I watched. There’s no place like that down here in Louisiana.

I seems like everyone owns everything, and places to camp are dwindling. My wife isn’t interested in camping… she’s more interested in watching her favorite reality shows:

The Amazing Waste”, “Sur-liar” and several others.

In this show, the Palins point out aspects of life that many of us have shrugged off for no reason other than laziness.

So, for a new year’s resolution, I’m planning on being more active in the outdoors. I want to do with less stuff, and live with more life!

What are your thoughts?

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