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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New FCC Regulation: Just Another Straw on Lady Liberty's Back

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski - Internet Neutrality

This guy sure goes out of the way trying to explain all the bipartisianship that went into this idea, yet he circumvented Congress with his "draft rules" he speaks of. What are those rules? I hope I'm not the only one feeling the smoke being blown up our butts with all his freedom protection phrases.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski talks about how great the Internet has been, and now it needs to be regulated? What a load of crap! This guy isn't disclosing everything, you can bet on that.

Maybe I’m falling into the trap set by progressives and socialists alike who are plotting the end of our republic.
One of the tenements in the process of this evil goal is breed distrust of government, by the people.

We’ve just had the food safety and modernization act (s.510) pass in the senate (huge government power grab), we’ve had nationalization of healthcare and student loans and public education, we’ve got a socialist relationship with auto manufacturers, Nationalization of the banking system, the Federal Reserve doesn’t have to report to congress anymore, socialists, Marxists and communists litter the Washington DC landscape, and the government is in bed with Unions and George Soros' currency killing enterprises. And, today the FCC chairman, Julius Genachowski gave a speech indicating his intent to push “net neutrality” through regulation, rather than congressional mandates. Julius obviously has TOO MUCH POWER! (Here's the video:)

Now, with all of this as evidence, do Americans have reason to distrust government?

All of these actions are happening closer and closer together too. It’s like a quickening of our Republic’s demise is at hand.

The debt commission, this week, recommended a value added tax to help reduce the debt. Do you really believe the government would use the extra money to pay down the debt? What does prudence tell you?

What do we need to do? We have got to stick to our core-American-Values. We must firmly hold fast to the belief that our liberty comes to us by our Creator, and we mustn’t budge on this truth.

The promise of Socialism that so many young people seem to adore, is a lie. Socialism makes the kinds of promises that Satan makes, and eventually leads to the literal deaths of many.

Now, the Jack-boot thugs who kicked Jew’s doors down in Germany were outside of Hitler’s wrath. I suppose this is the position American Socialists desire to be in when the crap hit’s the fan. They, though morally wrong, will be the strong arm of the establishment. The dream act, as I understand it, could go along way toward filling the ranks of American Socialists… food for thought.

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