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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Indiana Right to Work - Breaking News

Letter from the Conservablogger inbox:

Dear Daniel,

I have exciting news.

After an almost ten-year struggle involving hundreds of thousands of mobilized Hoosiers, it appears that Indiana will finally be able to enjoy all the benefits of a Right to Work law.

On Wednesday, the Indiana House of Representatives passed the Right to Work bill to free nearly 200,000 Hoosiers who have been forced to pay union dues or fees for the privilege of getting up everyday and going to work so they can provide for their families.

The Indiana Senate passed an identical bill earlier this week but must still approve the House version before it goes to Governor Mitch Daniels to sign.

Big Labor's intimidation campaign will now shift to the Senate, and we will continue to mobilize pro-Right to Work Hoosiers to counter it.

But it now seems very likely that Indiana will become America's 23rd Right to Work state, despite Big Labor's heavy-handed opposition and a "walkout" by forced-unionism proponents in the Indiana legislature to stall the bill.

With over $127 million in forced dues at stake, the union bosses stopped at nothing to hang onto their forced-unionism power.

Some union bosses even threatened to "occupy" the Super Bowl -- to be held in Indianapolis on February 5.

"You can tell them we'll take the Super Bowl and shove it," one Teamster union boss threatened -- a threat that still looms.

But ultimately, the Democrat walkout crumbled under the weight of public outrage and the forces of worker freedom have prevailed for now.

When Indiana becomes the first Right to Work state in the Manufacturing Belt, Hoosiers are certain to enjoy a significant advantage over all of their neighbors and the rest of the 27 non-Right to Work states.

Virtually every site selection consultant on record has testified that as many as half of their clients will not even consider expanding or relocating to non-Right to Work states.

That's a lesson Governor Daniels said he experienced first-hand when Volkswagen chose to build a new plant in Right to Work Tennessee -- after the company wouldn't even take his phone calls

I want to thank the thousands of dedicated Hoosiers who have stood up over the years to demand passage of the Indiana Right to Work law.

Concerned citizens like you made this possible with your steady support for worker freedom and the National Right to Work Committee.

I know you'll be there with us going forward as we continue to mobilize for worker freedom in other states and for roll-call votes in Congress on the National Right to Work Act.


Mark Mix

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