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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Holder is Operating DOJ as a Political Weapon‏

From my inbox: 
"Dear Patriot,

When we think about the single biggest failure of this Obama administration, it's easy to focus on ObamaCare, his radical Supreme Court nominees, or the $15 trillion federal deficit. But what may be the most dangerous legacy of Obama's presidency is the radicalization of the Department of Justice.

Under the so-called leadership of Eric Holder, the Justice Department has not only lied before Congress about the dangerous Fast and Furious gunrunning programming, it has systematically targeted states for redistricting and voter protections if they fall outside the radical agenda of the Obama administration.

With his lies before Congress and his use of the Justice Department as a political tool of the radical left, Eric Holder must be held accountable! Please sign our petition calling for a special prosecutor to investigate Holder for his crimes!

America must rid itself of corrupt officials like Eric Holder! Sign the petition today!
Thank you,
Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer

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Conservablogger comment:

One of the most effective behaviors we have is the behavior of making ourselves aware of the travesty that is the current administration.  He has a radical vision for america that fundamentally changes it.

It has already been documented that he looks at our Constitution as a flawed document, and he is actively going around its restrictions and mandates.

We do not need a president that doesn't respect the very document that allowed him to be elected.

This presidency is going to go down in history as the worst ever.  You know how the name Benedict Arnold conjures a mental image?  Well, the name Obama is going to be the same way.

We let the fox in the hen house, and we have to get him out!

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