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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Patriot 'Action Alert' email I - How You Can Encourage Your Representatives

You can give them a call.  This is the e-mail I received today:

"Dear Daniel --

39 Patriots in the House of Representatives have signed the Cut, Cap, and Balance Pledge to vote to increase the debt ceiling only if Congress cuts spending, caps spending, and passes a balanced budget amendment.

TONIGHT legislation put forth by Speaker Boehner that fails to meet the requirements of Cut, Cap, and Balance will be voted upon and 19 of our 39 Patriots are coming under tremendous pressure to break their pledge and vote for another Washington deal that fails to solve our debt crisis.

Will you call these Patriots RIGHT NOW, let them know that they have YOUR support, and encourage them to stand strong and keep the Cut, Cap, and Balance Pledge that they courageously made to the American people?

Call the below Patriots ASAP:

Rep. Schweikert 202-225-2190
Rep. Flake 202-225-2635
Rep. Miller 202-225-4136
Rep. Gingrey 202-225-2931
Rep. Labrador 202-225-6611
Rep. Hultgren 202-225-2976
Rep. Burton 202-225-2276
Rep. Latham 202-225-5476
Rep. Landry 202-225-4031
Rep. Harris 202-225-5311
Rep. Benishek 202-225-4735
Rep. McCotter 202-225-8171
Rep. Schmidt 202-225-3164
Rep. Marino 202-225-3731
Rep. Scott 202-225-3176
Rep. Wilson 202-225-2452
Rep. Gowdy 202-225-6030
Rep. Barton 202-225-2002
Rep. Lummis 202-225-2311

In Liberty,

Colin Hanna

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