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Monday, July 11, 2011

Can you Believe it? Van Jones Says Glenn Beck is a Big Bully Liar ** VIDEO **

Video Below

If labor union leaders werent involved in social engineering, backing/organizing protests in the middle east, if they weren't involved in socialist and communist activities in our own cities, he might have had a point. 

No one believes we should go back to child labor, keeping women from voting, or segregation. 

I think Beck rightfully called Jones out for being a Communist when Obama picked him to be his "Green Job's" Czar. Beck used many, many footnotes as well as Van Jones' recorded words to back up his assertions. 

Beck's assertions were hardly lies. 

Beck IS standing up for America.  Jones stands with George Soros and other globalist goons who want to see all national borders dissolved.   They want to collapse our current political, social and economic system using the (in Van Jones' own words) "Top down, bottom up and inside out" method.  

They've got the muscle in place, Union thugs, they've got the people in the nations top positions meeting with Union leaders on a regular basis, they've got the media spinning their propaganda, they've got the Federal Reserve printing money like crazy, and one guy (on one network) Glenn Beck points this crap out to us, and he's the liar?   

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