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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Is our Love for the Underdog Being Used against Us by Haters of Our Republic? Read "Underdogma"

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I received the following in an email from a fellow patriot concerned with America's future. 

In her email, Lindsay Marshall
describes a book she wants to share with anyone who will read it. The title of the book is “Underdogma”, written by
Michael Prell.

“I came across your site, and I thought you might be interested in reading Michael Prell’s Underdogma: How America's Enemies Use Our Love for the Underdog to Trash American Power (BenBella Books, February 2011).

In it, Prell, a strategist for the Tea Party Patriots and frequent contributor to, The Daily Caller, and The American Thinker, argues that America has a reflexive affection for the underdog and hatred for the powerful.

Underdogma explores how the belief system - that power is inherently evil - has threatened fundamental American values, competition, entrepreneurism, individual responsibility and strength on the international stage.

In the book and in recent interviews on national conservative radio including the “The John Batchelor Show,” “The Hugh Hewitt Show” and “The Dennis Miller Show,” Prell expounds on this theory as it closely relates to many of today’s current events, such as:

· How the ideas of Underdogma undermine the ideals of the American dream

· How the Obama administration has weakened America’s image on the world stage

· The Palestine/Israel debate: Why so many take Palestine’s side and how it is dangerous

· “America is the real terrorist”: Why blame for extremist Islam attacks is shifted internally
Endorsed by many influential conservatives including Newt Gingrich, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and Frank Gaffney, Underdogma explains how patriots can fight this Anti-American mentality and re-embrace American exceptionalism. “

Below is a snippet from the official press release of Underdogma

“UNDERDOGMA explores a corrosive belief system that is threatening our fundamental values and way of life, while undermining American power and influence around the world. To put it simply, Underdogma is the belief that those who have less power are good because they have less power, and that those who have more power are evil simply because they have more power.”


“UNDERDOGMA exposes this dangerous belief system and provides readers with a path forward to re-embrace American power and American Exceptionalism. UNDERDOGMA provides the necessary ammunition to defeat Underdogmatists who are aggressively working to replace our entrepreneurial culture with nanny state socialism domestically, while weakening America and cutting the world’s only remaining superpower down to size on the international stage. Michael Prell argues that we can and must work together to reverse Underdogma to defend the American Dream at home and the “Shining City Upon a Hill” abroad. “

Conservablogger's thoughts about the book:

I’m going to give this book a read. If the things suggested in this book are close to truth, we freedom loving Americans have our work cut out for us!   

Click here to get the book.

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