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Monday, April 18, 2011

Could China want America's Food too?

It's no big secret that our country owes China lots of money.  That said,  what happens when the dollar fails as is predicted by many economists?  How will the Chinese recoup their investments?

Consider that they could look to our natural resources; even our food supply.

How does this make you feel?

I realize the article below concerns New Zealand, but the facts that China wants to keep their middle class placated isn’t going to stop with China buying NZ's natural resources.

I came across this article “Chinese want NZ protein, not our land

The Chinese don't want New Zealand land, says former prime minister Dame Jenny Shipley who now runs a consultancy for businesses dealing with China, and is a director of the China Construction Bank.

"The Chinese don't want land, the Chinese want the resources and protein..."

"Their middle class is exploding and the one thing the Chinese Government and Chinese companies worry about is disappointing the middle class. So they have to get good quality food"

Dame Jenny said she wasn't familiar with the latest Chinese bid to buy the Crafar farms but she knew the Chinese wanted long-term contracts when they did business in other countries.

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