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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why Progressives Twist the Truth

While contemplating a title for this post, I considered something along the lines of, "The Problem the Left has with Religion", and that would have pointed to what I wanted to say, but it would have left so much unsaid.

The fact is, the left loves to preach to others, but when it comes to the Gospel, they shut everyone down.


Why remove the Ten Commandments and all references to God and Jesus from courthouses and schools?

After a little thought, and after listening to this President dictate mandates that go beyond those public places;  into  religious institutions, I  arrived at only one conclusion:

This government can't allow any authority to be more powerful than its own.

Think about the implications of this simple statement.

If God has no authority, or at least lacks the authority to be the grantor of our  self evident truths, are those truths unalienable?

I contend they are not.

The right to life, for instance.  A "woman's right to choose,", is the removal of a child's right to life.
Right to liberty:  Since the passage of the NDAA, 2012 signed  during the New Year holiday, the 4th  Amendment has been virtually wiped out.  The first amendment has had a huge hole punched into it with the government mandate for religious institutions to go against their conscience - by supplying contraceptives even when it is against their morals.

The Pursuit of happiness:  Do we really have this right?   I contend that when the government tells people, "You are not entitled to your principals" that this right is gone too.

Now, how have they gotten away this erosion of our freedom?

They started pandering to people.   They began rolling a snowball.  They convinced people that the easy way was the right way; that is is better to get a hand out, than a hand up.

Before long, more and more people had their hands out;  out to the government.

Then, as the system grew to feed these, efforts were made in schools to squash any teaching that God  oesn't approve of simple handouts.

I think this pleased many people who liked the idea that they didn't have to feel guilty were living off of the sweat of other people's brows.

You see, by removing God's authority in schools, the government  (in this example) made its authority greater than God's.

Now, it is way out of control.  Not only is government robing from Peter to pay Paul, it is now going to decide who does and does not get healthcare.  It can pick you up off the streets without just cause and hold you indefinately without charge in an undisclosed detention center.  The president even has the authority to sanction hits on people.

This is in defiance of the "Thou shalt not kill" commandment.

I'll stop here with this post.  I have to go walk my dog.

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