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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This President makes me Sick!

I'm sitting here listening to the president blowing smoke up my ass at the prompting of the White House press Corps, and he is making me sick.

He says he has a mandate to make it possible for folks to get into the middle class.  What about a mandate for those in the middle class who want to get into the upper class?  Huh, Mr. President?

How about giving businesses certainty, increase the incentives for business to grow by reducing their taxes.

When you are talking about tax reform, Mr. President, and how you refuse to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2%, how about talking about the spending reform you intend  to impose on this bloated federal government?

You, Mr. President, suck!  I believe it is your intention to reduce our republic to something resembling a third world nation.

Now you are talking about global warming.

Are you (or your friends)  going to re-open CCX?

Mr. President, you are a liar on Bengahzi.  You knew damn good and well that the stupid video didn't cause a riot.  I think you, or your administration,  wanted the ambassador dead (for one reason or another) probably related to weapons that ended up in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Apparently Our Marxist President doesn't think the rich should be afforded the luxury of keeping what they earn.  Mr. President, they earned their profits and should keep them.  The problem isn't that you have not taxed enough, the problem is that our stupid ass, mismanaged government, spent too much.  You freaking assholes have been mismanaging your resources... our tax money... and, you want more?  You MUST be out of your mind! 

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