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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Carney gets Drilled about Hoffa Remarks at Presidential Rally (video) and Hoffa's Remark's video

ABC Newsman Jake Tapper isn't pleased with  the President's silence on Jimmy Hoffa's incendiary comments made at the Labor Day event in Detroit. Watch Jake go toe-to-toe with PressSecretary Carney.

 What were Hoffa's Remarks?  Watch Hoffa's second Video below!


These are the people that Obama represents.  He isn't representing people who want to preserve our republic.  Obama isn't interested in preserving the republic either.  Look at who his friends are, and I'll show you the future he wants for America.

We have to defeat Obama in the next election.  It is imperative that we get a TEA PARTY type in the White House this time around.

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