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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weekend Ralley: Radical Left Says Clarance Thomas should be "Put back in the Fields"

At a rally attended by non other than Van Jones, people are saying to revolt now, "just like in Egypt".  Yes, they are CALLING FOR VIOLENCE! 

Now, where is our loyal, honest, and concerned "mainstream" media.  Beck is THE ONLY high profile person talking about the coming revolution.

These people are serious.  They want to implode our soceity from the "top down, bottom up, and inside out".  Those words came out of the mouth of Van Jones, himself.

Yes, the Van Jones whom President Obama chose to be his Green Jobs Czar... What do you think about that?

One young lady said in the video that "the racist Tea Party makes her ashamed to be an American". 

I have news for you:  The Tea Party probably has some racist people in it, but as a whole, it's not racist. 

People who believe the Tea Party is racist has been listening to the propaganda-truth-twisters. 

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