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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Matthews Attacks Beck On Caliphate Theory - Conservablogger Reaction

Beck's Caliphate Theory should be heard by all.

If you go HERE you can watch Chris Matthews and a female commentator disrespecting Beck.

They try to discredit Beck's theory concerning the middle east, Europe and the far east. 

I've been watching  Becks shows.  He's been supporting every claim with footnotes that can be viewed on his website and independantly varified.

Beck has pointed out some striking simlarities in terms that the Muslum Brotherhood and our Weather underground used.  He pointed out people involved in the floatilla incident that are also linked to the Muslum Brotherhood.

Here are links to his shows where he (Beck) explains his theory.

Don't take the word of a couple puppets like Matthews and that woman.  Watch the Glenn Beck show and form your own opinion.

Chris Matthews shows none of the evidence Beck used to support his theory.  He's not a nut!
In these videos, Beck does a great job of educating.  If you watch this, you'll see he's not crazy.  Open your mind and watch.

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