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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Glenn Beck Destroys Obama's Kansas Speech "He's a Liar!" - AUDIO -

Glenn Beck on Wednesday  made a valiant effort and successfully  kept his head from exploding while listening to the Presidents Kansas speech.

 Beck sets the record strait in this audioof Wednesday's show.  If you want to go where the truth lives, that's the place.  Republican, Democrat, Martian, or Ewok, Beck doesn't pull any punches.   Why?  Because the TRUTH has no agenda.

This audio picks up with Beck talking about his head spontaneously exploding due to Obama's fairy-tales about history, class warfare and income equality - all adding up to the fundamental transformation of America.

Here's the Audio:

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  1. Isn't Beck notorious for truth bending and stupendous feats of selective memory? That's like his calling card. Even if every word out of Obama's mouth was a half truth or untruth, the last person I would go to for a fair assessment of that would be Glenn Beck.